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Data Services

Delivering a unique combination of customer care services, skills and proven methods to deliver high-quality results

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Our Services

At CDS, we bring you closer to your customers. Our services are tailored to all your needs.

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Customer Center Services

Create powerful customer connections with efficient support, customer service and sales assistance. 

Data Collection & Analysis

Connect the dots with structured, accurate, and reliable business data.

Back Office Support

A customized approach to back-office services that are an extension of your brand.

Brand Experience Services

Deliver on your promises to your customers by monitoring your brand health.

Training Delivery

Support your employees with the skills needed to handle complex customer situations.

Home: Why CDS

Why Choose CDS

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Empowered people

Our experience and our unique approach in customer care make us different. We have the solution-oriented capacities and structure of a project manager, the modern customer service of a customer contact professional, and the analytical skills of a business analyst.

Innovative technology

With our innovative technology and up-to-date services, we ensure that targeted channels are used, the interaction is feasible and manageable, and that all customers are served in an appropriate manner.

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Data driven
customer experience

CDS is able to implement impactful improvements in the customer experience thanks to deep insight, based on data. Measuring this provides insight into the extent to which goals are achieved and whether they meet the expectations of the customer.

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Our customers

For over 15 years we have been proudly servicing our customers 

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Build the best customer care experience

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