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Our Services

CDS prides itself on offering customized solutions to each customer. Because all customers are different we offer unique customer care solutions to fit their exact needs. Our working methods are centered on our customers. We handle tasks like you would yourself.

Customer Center Services

Any business owner knows that customer is king. That is why customer experience should always be a top priority for your company. 

Making sure that your customers’ needs are being fulfilled is a 24/7 job. CDS specializes in customer care services that put all your customers at the center of your business. Our pool of professional agents provides support through in-person, phone, email, social media, or chat interactions, on-site or from remote locations. We deliver professional, helpful, and high-quality assistance for all your customer care needs.

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Omnichannel experience

Multi-service programs

Inbound & outbound customer services

Sales and retention

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Anchor Customer Center Services

Data Collection & Analysis

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In a big data world where information changes rapidly, as a business you need to be on top of how you handle your data. Outsourcing your data analysis to a reliable partner allows you to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

CDS offers high quality data analysis services that precisely caters to the requirements of clients. We help you collect, process, and convert data into actionable insights. Our team cleanses data and performs comparative analysis, while making sure that your data is protected at all times. Start making data-driven decision now.

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Database cleansing & validation 

Project management

Data collection

Data analysis

CRM database

Data Collection
  • Omnichannel experience

  • Multi-service programs

  • Sales and retention

  • inbound & outbound customer service

Back Office  Support

Whether you’re running a big or small business; office work can be time-consuming and sometimes tedious when you’re busy with daily tasks.

CDS offers front- and back office support services that assist your business to focus on core operations and crucial projects. Our qualified team manages a wide range of routine tasks, such as office and management support, reception, and data. Outsourcing your office support helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. Let CDS take care of your office and clients.

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Data entry

Customer correspondence

Office management

Multilingual Customer support

Account management

Back Office Support

Brand Experience Services

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How are your customers responding to your brand? To be competitive in today’s fast paced world, you need to create optimal and positive customer experiences across all channels.

Consistency is key to building lasting relationships with your customers. This ultimately impacts your business results and growth. CDS helps you effectively measure and monitor your brand experience with Net Promoter Score and other metrics to better understand customer experience. Our data-driven approach offers market research with broader insights into your brand and ways to improve it.

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Net Promoter Score

Market research

Customer Experience

Brand Experience

Training Delivery

Happy customers bring in new business. That’s why training your customer support team is key in creating the best experience and loyal customers.

With years of training delivery experience, CDS offers the right training and support needed to handle customer-facing situations. Our customer service training is focused on teaching skills such as phone handling, active listening, conflict resolution and problem-solving. Equip your customer support team with the right training to handle any challenge that comes their way.

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Instructor-led training

Training coordination



Training Delivery
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We help you make your customers smile

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Our process

At CDS, we offer four different business support levels, depending on your needs to successfully deliver your projects.

On-call support

On-call to address or answer ad-hoc requests and questions. 

Back-up support

Assistance and expertise is required, but only with specific support.

Full support

The client is in full control. CDS assists with full support and a dedicated team.


CDS takes the lead in the project. Accelerate the delivery and benefit from our guidance along the way.


Create customer care that makes a difference

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